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For the latest LED application, technology, component and supply chain news in areas other than general lighting, tune to LIGHTimes/SSLnet. Applications updates for displays, mobile, transportation and industrial markets, along with the latest device, material and process news, it's all there!

Solid State Lighting Design is here to serve the information needs of lighting designers, specifiers, and decision makers, along with luminaire designers, lighting system integrators and lighting subsystem developers with application, product and market news updates for this rapidly evolving technology. Our readership also includes LED packagers, technology enablers and service companies seeking the answers to how best to meet their customers' needs.

Solid state lighting promises to create unprecedented changes in what we can do with light. Simultaneously, it will deliver on a promise of massive global energy savings and access to useful nighttime lighting that has not been conveniently available to nearly 2 billion people around the world. We're glad to have you join us in the revolution!

Supposed to be a picture here... Lighting Science Group Completes Initial LED Streetlight Installation in Brazil
... R20 Regions for Climate Action, Lighting Science Group, and Pegasus Capital Advisors reported that they have installed an initial set of 52 LED streetlights in Nova Friburgo, Brazil. The well-attended ceremony illuminated the city’s central square. The group along with their other local partners hope to implement large-scale street lighting projects across Brazil by minimizing the upfront cost of installing new LED streetlights. The streetlights are expected to save over 50% compared to previous energy usage. Politicians and business leaders and hundreds of citizens turned out for the event to see the 52 fixtures illuminated for the first time....

SSL is Winning... We’ve Just Scratched the Surface – Adoption, Science, Integrated controls
... The US Department of Energy recently held its annual Market Development Workshop in Detroit, Michigan, with a few key takeaways for anyone in attendance. We’ve just scratched the surface on adoption – When you’re immersed in the industry, it’s easy to understand the compelling case for LED lighting versus any of the incumbents. LEDs can offer a near perfect replication of the incandescent/halogen color temperature and color rendering, with nearly 50+-times the lifetime and a fraction of the energy use. The payback from the energy savings alone is now measured on the order of a year to two, not the 7-10 years of the past. Versus fluorescents, the color...
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