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For the latest LED application, technology, component and supply chain news in areas other than general lighting, tune to LIGHTimes/SSLnet. Applications updates for displays, mobile, transportation and industrial markets, along with the latest device, material and process news, it's all there!

Solid State Lighting Design is here to serve the information needs of lighting designers, specifiers, and decision makers, along with luminaire designers, lighting system integrators and lighting subsystem developers with application, product and market news updates for this rapidly evolving technology. Our readership also includes LED packagers, technology enablers and service companies seeking the answers to how best to meet their customers' needs.

Solid state lighting promises to create unprecedented changes in what we can do with light. Simultaneously, it will deliver on a promise of massive global energy savings and access to useful nighttime lighting that has not been conveniently available to nearly 2 billion people around the world. We're glad to have you join us in the revolution!

Supposed to be a picture here... Caliper Program Publishes Report About Using Retail Available Dimmers with LED A Lamps
... The U.S. Department of Energy's CALiPER program has published a report on LED lamps targeted toward general consumers that are available through retail stores. Previous reports in the CALiPER retail lamps series have focused on basic performance parameters, such as lumen output, efficacy, and color quality. However, the new report CALiPER Retail Lamps Study 3.1, focuses on the dimming, power quality, and flicker characteristics of a subset of 14 LED A lamps from CALiPER Retails Lamps Study 3. The report Four different retail available dimmers were tested with the LED A lamps. Notably, LED lamps interact with and impact...

SSL is Winning... The Significance of the LED Lighting Industry
... A big motivation (or frustration) factor in most people's lives is significance. When we feel we we're making an impact, not only do we feel better about ourselves, we feel better about pretty much everyone. We we don't think we're making a difference, things will typically start to fall off the rails. Apathy being the mild symptom, and tragedy being the extreme. As we kick of 2015, we'd like to stake out our position concerning LED technology and LED lighting: The industry has huge significance, and anyone supplying, applying or producing should be proud of their contribution. We can't say that the rest of the world will point at...
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